Advantages and Cost of Hair Transplant

Advantages and Cost of Hair Transplant

Advantages and Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair is a crown that everyone wants to wear.
Modern-day science and technology advancements have led people to choose between health and wealth. Although they know that hair is the most essential facet of their personality yet they are left at the crossroads between both. Hair loss has become a major concern worldwide. People are losing hair because of two major reasons: malnutrition and stress. Certain medications, hormonal changes and genetic factors may also play a role.  Hair loss can be a result of all of these factors. They may play their role either as a single entity or they may work in conjunction with each other. Hair restoration or hair replacement in Islamabad are the two options available in the market. If you have made up your mind then the first thing that comes to mind is what are the Advantages and Cost of Hair Transplant. This blog will help you find answers to these questions.
One of the most essential and popular procedures for Hair Restoration in Islamabad is Hair Transplantation. This technique consists of removing hair follicles from donor sites and implanting them on the balding parts. Transplantation procedures are different and your surgeon can choose them according to the customized needs of the individual.

Advantages of Hair Transplant:

Here are some of the advantages that you can find with our best hair transplant surgeons and experts.

Goodbye Baldness:

These procedures treat your receding hairline or bald spots. You don’t have to worry must about these hair-related issues. Hair volume as well as density increases in balding areas. You will not lose hair again. You will get a natural-looking hairline. The texture of both donor and recipient parts matches each other.

A Permanent Solution:

The transplanted hair has the same life expectancy as that of donor hair areas. They grow and live according to the normal hair cycle. Also, no follow-up treatments are required. You will have peace of mind.

No More Gimmicks:

Unlike other procedures that are available in the market, this technique does not promise impossible good results. This is a one-time procedure and you do not require any follow-up treatments. These hair restoration procedures produce the best results as they are done by board-certified hair transplant surgeons.

Cost Effective:

We have not seen anyone spending money on hair restoration and later felt disappointed. But, if spending money becomes a necessity, as the procedure you have gone for has no permanent results, this will be tiring and heavy on your pocket. The cost of the hair transplant procedures is high initially but as the results are permanent so there won’t be out-of-pocket costs to be paid again and again.

Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan:

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan-Islamabad starting price at Royal Hair Transplant Islamabad is 70000 PKR. Further, the cost may vary depending upon different factors.
Let’s take a look at some of the important factors:

Degree of Baldness:

Hair transplant price in Pakistan is directly proportional to baldness. If hair loss is more than needed number of grafts will also be increased. This will directly affect the cost.

The Expertise of the Surgeon:

If the surgeon is very skilled and has vast experience in the field then he will charge accordingly. The cost of hair transplant in Islamabad is directly affected by this. Usually, an experienced surgeon charges you more as compared to a non-experienced surgeon.

The Facilities in the Hospital:

All surgical facilities are needed for the performance of this operation. As this is a surgical procedure hence it requires a well-equipped hospital. A well-trained staff is also needed. Your hospital must have a well-resourced lab.

The number of Grafts:

It is required to completely cover a vast bald area will increase. Each person’s required number of grafts varies depending on a variety of criteria, including the rate of baldness, the necessary hair density, and the qualities of the patient’s hair (curly or straight).

Book Your Consultation:

If you have any queries or you need advice regarding your hair loss treatment, then you can always contact us directly. You can book your consultation with the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan by calling us directly or filling out the form below. You will be treated by the best hair transplant surgeon in Islamabad. 

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