Best Female Hair Transplant Surgeon in Islamabad
Dr. Sahahnaz Muazzam

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Our professionals at the Royal Hair Transplant Clinic Islamabad do rigorous work to create a friendly, welcoming, and judgment-free environment for both men and women to discuss hair loss issues. Even though hair loss is a normal byproduct of genetics and ageing, it’s normal to feel uneasy about it. Patients who want to cure their hair loss issue, are welcome to contact us. Our staff will explain the benefits of each procedure during a free consultation. Get started on your path to thick, woodsman-like beards and voluminous locks by getting in touch with our Best Female Hair Transplant Surgeon in Islamabad.

Tips for Finding the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon:

Royal Hair Transplant Islamabad is proud to serve patients not just from Pakistan but from around the world. Usually, patients are willing to go to any length to regain their hair, yet they prefer to choose the local practitioner if he is the best while performing his job. You need to keep the following tips in mind if you want t find a good surgeon for your hair loss treatment in Islamabad:

  • Ask the surgeon about his educational background, credentials, and his specialization as well as his training in the field.
  • The surgeon must have an accreditation with the board of dermatology or any other associated board of the country in which he/ practices.
  • The experience of the doctor matters a lot in this regard. You must ask your surgeon about his experience in the field.
  • Your performing doctor must be familiar with various hair restoration He must not have a grip only on one method. Decide the type of method to be utilized in your initial consultation.
  • Always check the photos of the procedures performed by your surgeon earlier.

Royal Hair Transplant Team:

Dr. Sahahnaz Muazzam

Plastic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist,




  • PMC Verified
  • MBBS
  • MCPS

Professional Memberships:

  • Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)
  • Member of Pakistan Association of Dermatology (PAD)
  • Member of Pakistan Association of Aesthetic Dermatology(PAAD)
  • Member of Pakistan Hair restoration Society (HRSP)
  • Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan


  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Reconstructive Surgeon


From Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Hair Restoration to Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), she is an expert in every field. Scalp Reduction, Flap Surgery, Laser-assisted Grafting, Tissue Expansion,  Robotic Hair Restoration, Microneedling, Corticosteroidal Injections, Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), treatment with Prescription Medication, Wigs and Concealers and Direct Hair Implantation are some other procedures which Dr. Shahnaz Moazzam performs at Royal Hair Transplant Islamabad.

Dr. Shahnaz Muazzam is among the most well-known figures in the aesthetics industry. She is Islamabad’s top aesthetic doctor. Skin tightening, skin treatments, Microderm abrasion, laser hair removal, PRP (hair and face), rejuvenation fillers, botox, thread facelifts, chemical peels, mole and tattoo removal, acne treatments, immunity-boosting injections, Hifu, anti-aging Hydra Facials, and acne scarring treatment combining the latest laser types She is an expert in several aesthetic procedures, including Pico and Q Switch.

She excels at treating melasma and hyperpigmentation while giving each patient individualized care. She is an expert in all types of hair transplantations. In this field, she has a 100% success rate. The Best Female Hair Transplant Surgeon in Islamabad will leave you with the best experience of your life. You will never regret your decision of choosing us as we have not seen anyone who has invested in hair restoration and later regretted his decision.

Why Choose Us for Your Hair Transplant Procedure:

In the field of hair restoration, RHT has held a dominant position that has altered how the community thinks. With the quickest recovery, patients can now have minor scarring and relatively pain-free surgery. As the industry pioneer in Pakistan for hair transplants, we are here to help you with the support of skilled and highly qualified hair surgeons and doctors. The success of RHT Pakistan is a result of ongoing advancements, acceptance, standardized care, modern and sophisticated equipment, a clean environment, cutting-edge research, and a group of compassionate and committed medical professionals. RHT has advanced to the point where individuals from other nations now favor travelling to Pakistan to take advantage of RHT services.

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RHT is the best choice for its clients as:

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  • An Individualized Approach for Each Special Patient
  • We have a variety of safe and efficient treatments under our belt.
  • We’ve been in this business for more than 20 years,
  • We’ve only hired passionate, qualified professionals.

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